Music Studio Production Software

Choosing the right music studio production software is important if you want to make the most out of your new music production hobby. Of course, you want your music to sound good, but you don’t want to end up with a program or software that has way too many complicated features and an interface that may as well be in a different language.

Many people underestimate what they can actually achieve with the right music studio production software. Not only can it be a very fun and rewarding experience to make your own great sounding music, but it can also be used to get yourself a little fame and/or fortune. Here’s how:

  • You can make YouTube music videos for your music
  • You can promote your music through MySpace and network with others
  • You can create a Facebook fan page and invite all of your friends
  • You can work on making an entire album of songs, burn some CDs, and sell them on a personal website or even through eBay
  • You can sell individual MP3 files of your music on iTunes

So, as you can see, if you play your cards right and have the right music studio production software to really turn some heads with your music, you WILL get recognized and people WILL most likely offer to pay you for your music! As a side benefit, networking and recognition may open up other opportunities for you such as people contacting you and offering to pay you to produce music for THEM. Pretty neat, huh?

But what kind of music studio production software program can make this all possible? There are a lot of programs out there and not all of them are made equal. A good, solid, high-quality program I recommend which won’t cost you an arm and a leg is Sonic Producer.

This is a great music studio production software program to get started with if you’re really interested in dabbling in music production. It’s relatively easy to learn since the program makes great use of learning resources and tutorials while making sure not to skimp on quality and variety of sounds and tools to use.

You will literally have thousands of sounds to choose from and a whole whack of editing and mixing tools to begin mastering great music production techniques. So, why not give it a try? You’ll be happy you did!

How to Promote Your Band on YouTube

If you are in a band that plays great music, you’re fun to listen to and you are starting to develop your following, you know the challenges of getting your bands name out there. Tom created Myspace so bands could connect and promote themselves. For bands on a tight budget finding creative ways to market your band is essential. Your band videos need to be seen and your songs need to be heard. Typically you use your Myspace profile, add friends to get views to your profile so others can listen to your music. The goal would be for the listener to download the music and ultimately purchase your mp3 and become a dedicated fan of your work. This is a very inexpensive way to promote your band but it can take a long time to complete this process of gathering friends and getting your videos to go viral unless you become an instant hit. If your band is truly serious you have a YouTube profile as well. Promoting your band on YouTube is the best way to get your videos seen. All bands are asking the same question, “How do we get people to view our videos after we post them”?

The absolute best way to promote a video on YouTube is to use automated software that promotes your profile and videos for you. Automate the process and reap the rewards of a music group that has a multi million dollar contract with an unlimited marketing budget. Automating the friend adder process eliminates exhausting hours of sending friend request, mass messages and leaving mass comments. Connecting with other user profiles and getting them to watch your video is crucial for your bands success. Once you automate this process you can spend your time focused on improving your craft.

Video Marketing
A YouTube bot will increase video views to your band profile. The ability to promote your video on autopilot means that the power is in your hands. Follow these simple steps to market your band on Youtube:

-Gather your target audience or listeners by doing a keyword search. Your search term brings up thousands of videos and user profiles. The software allows you to gather the id’s from all the video results from the search.

-Send friend request to your gathered list. YouTube does limit the amount of friends who can be added during one use but this simple step is accomplished in minutes. The person on the receiving end of the request will check look at your profile to see who is asking to be friends. They will then take a look at your profile and get the chance to look at all the videos you’ve made.

-Send a message to all of the gathered id’s just to introduce yourself and your band. Just say hello, ask them to check out you bands video and ask for feedback comments.

-Comment on other videos. YouTube marketing has been able to launch many artists to the next level. Comments on videos play an integral part in this process. This is the sole reason videos go viral because this is the chance for other viewers to share their opinion of the video. If you leave an interesting comment on another popular video it will give viewers the chance to check your profile as well.

-Link your video to highly ranked and other popular videos. Sharing a video response is another method that can work wonders for your band. Find a video that’s relevant to yours and link to it for extra traffic.

With automated software you can also build a strong network by subscribing to other users automatically. If you want your band to succeed you need to consider using current methods of communicating to large masses of people all at once. Automated friend adder software is the only way to get this done effectively without blowing your entire budget on a marketing campaign or spending your entire week on the computer.

The Growth of YouTube

YouTube has become the number one site for video content. People are familiar with it world over and new content is added to it each day. The phenomenal growth of YouTube means you can watch music videos, movie trailers, how to videos etc. You are bound to find something of interest on the site.

2011 saw the site turn in its eleventh year. It’s been an incredible success story and it keeps on growing every year. It’s incredible to think that 48 hours of video is posted to YouTube every single minute. The number of videos uploaded has doubled over the last year also, making it the best site out there for quality video content.

The highest numbers of YouTube views were recorded on the weekend of 21st May 2011. They hit a massive figure of over 3 billion views per day. This is a 50% increase on the amount of videos viewed during the same period in 2010. For anyone who has a business, product or service they want to promote, this is quite simply phenomenal traffic.

It is now possible to upload a video directly from a mobile phone. The advances in Smartphone technology in recent years has made this possible. In fact the recent events in countries such as Syria, Libya and Egypt have prompted many people to upload videos in order to share their experience. This is of great value to others who are not present in these countries to experience these events.

What can video do for your product or service?

Just think for a moment how a video sharing site can benefit your business. Are you struggling to get clients? Perhaps you would like to gain even more clients and are looking to expand globally. Whether you are promoting a service or a product you will find videos will really propel your business forward. Imagine being able to convey to an audience every little feature of your product or service. If they find what you are offering to be of interest to them they will be flocking to your website.

Now you can watch on YouTube, full length movies and some TV shows for a small fee. This has helped increase the audience of YouTube. Music festivals and live events have also partnered with YouTube to have their content streamed into homes. The recent royal wedding in London was streamed all around the world to a massive audience. This is of great benefit to people who do not have access to a television set at the time of the event.

YouTube pretty much has no competition at the present time. More and more people are uploading videos to their service. Even some still and video cameras have a facility to upload videos to the site. Smartphones also have a button for uploading videos quickly and easily. See how you or your business can benefit from the power of video.