Scrolling Lyric Player – KaraoBird For YouTube 1.0

One of the routines adopted by many users is to get to YouTube to watch music videos while working. Operating as a real radio online, the video portal has thousands of songs from many different musical genres. However there is often no availability of lyrics along with the videos, making it difficult for many users.

Group of Japanese programmers created Scrolling Lyric Player – KaraoBird for YouTube. This is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox, when installed, allows the user to access YouTube and lyrics of the song that is playing in a separate frame. Remember that this function does not apply to all videos, but most of them the result is satisfactory. If the video you want to see do not have lyrics, the message will appear below the screen.

After installation of this add-on, all you need is to access YouTube, but putting the extension “music” at the end of the address – Then just look for your favorite music videos and run normally. On the right side of the screen a new dialog will display, synchronizing the lyrics with what appears in the video.

Even when the add-on is active, it does not compromise the performance of the browser or the loading of videos. No doubt a simple and practical solution that provides a differential fun for the user. Now your favorite songs on YouTube will have different meaning.

It automatically display a karaoke like lyrics you YouTube music.

The lyrics are updated every minute.