Where You Can Find Music Videos Online

Music videos are now accessible to millions of Americans, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. YouTube, a leading viral video site, offers all of your favorite artists; old, new, unsigned and international! For some artists, the exposure is amazing. For others, the copyright infringement can’t seem to be stopped. Yet the fans find that the free clips truly embody all that’s great about the internet! There are many types of musical videos for your viewing pleasure, and they are just a mouse-click away.

Have you dreamt of being on American Idol? Do you write or perform your own music and wish to be discovered? Well, posting your original music videos on YouTube just might make you world-famous! Just ask Chris Crocker, whose rants about Britney Spears scored him a spot in Weezer’s latest music video. Then there’s Terra Naomi, whose YouTube music clips earned her a recording contract with Island Records. Similarly, unknown artist Esmee Denters toured with Justin Timberlake, following his viral video debut!

Before attending a live concert, nothing will pump you up more than watching music videos from that band! Or perhaps you’d like to revisit your childhood and have an “80s music video marathon!” Have a crush on a singer? You can drool over the MySpace videos or even embed it into your social networking profile!

If you missed Coldplay performing on The Colbert Report, then don’t fret because YouTube will have it! Perhaps you were a big fan of the Henry Rollins Show or TRL, of which you can also watch free episodes of online. There are countless reasons why you might need to get your music video fix.

MySpace videos are picking up steam, but still lag behind the more established YouTube selection. If you want to post a video on your MySpace profile, then it doesn’t really matter which site you pull the video codes from, as they both work essentially the same way. There are also third party sites, like “Pimp MySpace”, that allow you to snag music for your site.

To add music videos to your site, you’ll need the code with the words, not just the URL. Just highlight and cut the entire code, go into your MySpace editor and paste the code into one of your windows. A good place to add music is in the “favorite music” section, but you may also choose to add it under “heroes,” “television,” “general” or “about me.”